10 Tips To Keeping Your Disney Resort Room Sanitary

Let me start off by saying that Walt Disney World is the cleanest place that I have ever traveled to. Disney has enforced enhanced cleaning and safety protocols throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. That being said, we are in a time and place where keeping things clean and sanitary is more important than ever.

I have 10 tips that will help you feel confident that your Disney resort room is germ-free and safe for your family (even though it likely already is when you check-in). Taking these extra safety measures will just make you feel reassured that your room is as sanitary as possible.


1. Bring disinfecting wipes and disposable gloves. Wipe down all touch point areas such as the remote control, light switches, door knobs, alarm clock, phone, and dresser drawer knobs.
2. Open doors and windows to air out the room upon arrival this way you can be reassured that there is fresh air circulating.
3. Do not use the bed covering. The sheets and pillowcases are always fresh and clean but I am often apprehensive about the bed covering that lays on top. There are usually newly washed blankets stored in closets that I prefer to use instead.
4. If you have extra room in your luggage bring your own pillow. I personally always feel better using my own pillow for many different reasons, but also because it is more sanitary.
5. I would advise purchasing Disney’s refillable mugs or using your own cups. Often times I find that the rooms are provided with disposable cups, but sometimes there are glasses or coffee mugs left out for your use. If you choose to use these I would bring dish detergent just to give them a good rinse. Again they are already cleaned for your use but I always feel better rinsing them off a second time.

6. Keep your toothbrush in a case and tuck it away in your toiletry bag. Do not leave it laying out by the sink where others could likely touch it or knock it onto the floor accidentally.
7. Bring Ziploc bags to store your toiletries, make up and medicine. Do this rather than leaving everything laying about on countertops. Or simply keep everything in one of those hanging toiletry bags to keep it out of the way of being touched.
8. This one goes without saying but be sure to use hand sanitizer and wash your hands often. I choose to bring my own hand soap since the resorts only provide you with a bar of soap. We are constantly touching door knobs, railings and things that we are not even aware of so it doesn’t hurt to keep your hands clean.
9. Use a no-touch door opener to open doors and to press elevator buttons.
10. Request a room that is not in a high traffic area. Rooms that are located by the pool or near the shops and restaurants will have you surrounded by many more people than you may be comfortable with at this time

Hopefully these tips help you feel safer during your travels this year. I find myself doing many of these things no matter where I travel just to feel that our room is 100% sanitized.

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Jen Brennan

Jen Brennan

Jen Brennan has specialized in planning magical Disney vacations for Mickey World Travel since 2018. She loves traveling to Disney with her husband and three children as often as possible. When she is not busy with vacation planning, Jen is sharing all of her Disney tips and tricks on her YouTube channel, jenshappyhome. It is not hard to believe that Belle is her favorite princess, as she likes to read and dream of exploring the world just as much. If you are interested in going on an adventure in the great wide somewhere, Jen can certainly plan the perfect vacation for you.

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